Since 1827

We have been renting the mill and its outbuildings and producing flour since 2002. We want to bring back to life this old mill that we love so much.
The Moulin du Vivier has a rich history. Today it is the only mill still in operation on the Canal du Midi and one of the last three canal mills in France.
Our future

Development project

We started with the opening of a shop in 2017. We continued with the acquisition of a stone millstone, a real technological innovation, in 2019.
Then, in 2021 and 2022, we renovated the Maison du Meunier into a charming gîte d'étape.
In 2024, we would like to set up an educational trail around the miller's work, as well as a restaurant and service area.

We are the 2021 winner of the Septuors de l'Aude and the 2021 winner of the Trophées de l'Innovation et de l'Économie en Occitanie OCC'INOV in the agri-food category for this project to develop the Moulin du Vivier. We are proud to have won these trophies for innovation and economy, they are a recognition of our years of work devoted to the renovation of the Mill.

If you are interested in participating in this development project, please contact us.

Our goal

Maintaining the identity of the Mill

We want to give the Moulin du Vivier a new lease of life with modern means without betraying its identity or ancestral know-how.

Sylvie and Bernard Maury
millers for 4 generations




Sales animator


Delivery driver


Host - Maison du Meunier

Our values

Our strength and difference


We don't pull the wool over people's eyes. We respect the product and the customer.


We serve the customer, whatever it costs. The customer is king.


We build vital links with local businesses.


We have a duty to remember our heritage. We believe in the work of man, in the nourishing earth. We maintain the nature of the Moulin du Vivier. We are the bridge between the past and the future.


Batigne flour mill

It is an old family flour mill whose values we share.
At your disposal all the current soft wheat flours (T65, T55 etc....) from 100% Occitan wheat as well as more specific flours such as rice, organic spelt flours...