Wholemeal Fibre

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The "Complet fibres" flour is made from Occitan wheat and is produced on cylinders.

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DIRECTIONS FOR USE: "Complet Fibres" flour is recommended for making wholemeal bread. It is a ready-to-use flour.
It can be used alone or as a complement to other flours (T65 soft wheat flour).

ORIGIN: this product is manufactured by LE MOULIN DU VIVIER.

INGREDIENTS: :T65 wheat flour, wheat gluten, bean flour, malted wheat flour, remoulding. bran Enzymes alpha amylases.


PACKAGING: paper bag.

STORAGE: If the temperature in your home is above 20°C, the flour may deteriorate. In hot weather, please keep the flour in the fridge or freezer. If the temperature in your home is below 20°C, you can simply keep it in your cupboards.

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Wholemeal Fibre

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